Friday, September 2, 2011

Thelma: Life is a Race, Run to Win

Life is fast-paced -- everything moves swiftly at the beat of the clock. Run fast, faster than your limit. You may stumble along the way but get up, shake off the dirt and run again. You may opt to slow down a bit, but never ever stop running towards the end of your goal.

Thelma (Maja Salvador) tells us an inspiring story of a sportive barrio girl who loves running which serves as an outlet for her misfortunes in life. She's an unwanted daughter of her father (John Arcilla) who dreamed of a son as first-born. Though she secretly envy her smart younger sister (Eliza Pineda), she loves her as a sister and as a bestfriend.

Thelma runs barefoot in their barrio
Thelma's perception in life changed when her sister met an accident, crippling her forever. She then decided to be an athletic runner to help finance her sister's surgical operation their family couldn't afford. Thelma hurdled through life's challenges, jumped over obstacles and learned from each of it.

Thelma ready to race
Inspired by true stories, "Thelma" shares how she ran to fix her problems and not ran away from it. An indie film directed by Paul Soriano, presented by Time Horizon Pictures in cooperation with Abracadabra Productions and Underground Logic, and distributed by Star Cinema. This also stars Tetchie Agbayani, Jason Abalos, Sue Prado, and with with special participation of Philippine Track and Field champion and Elma Muros who plays Thelma's running coach. The movie opens on September 7!

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  1. I have not ever read this book. It seems interesting to read. I'll find and read it soon.

  2. Hi Edmund. Thanks for dropping by. Uhm. Thelma is not a book though sorry. It is an indie film here in the Philippines directed by Paul Soriano. :) Hope that clears everything. :)


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