Saturday, June 23, 2012

CLIPPING MASK TOOL: Morena and Proud Header

I have been thinking for the past few months what changes shall I do to make my Morena and Proud blog look a little more decent and catchy. 

I've always wanted a simple but not boring look so the readers would be focusing more on my input rather than the stuff that moves around it. So I decided to make the background white and let all the other stuff go on the right side column. I also made my own, very conceited header.

Since many are requesting on how I made my header, I'm going to share it here. Swear, it's very easy on Adobe Photoshop!


1. Select photo/s you need to cover the whole text and lay it out side by side. The size of a blogspot header is approximately 660x150 px and use white as your background.

2. If you are using multiple photos, on the "layer" tab, highlight all the layers (minus the background), right click and merge the layers.

3. Insert a text and occupy the whole image or series of pictures. Use any font you like, I used Impact and just white font color.

4. Drag the layer of the text in between the background and your image. Right click the layer of the image and click Clipping mask tool.

5. You can delete the white background and copy/paste this to another background or you can just let the white background stay if, like in my case, has a white background. Highlight all the layers left, right click and merge the layers. That's it! :D

Transparent background

Final output
You can comment below and share with me your work! Enjoy!

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