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POTTERMORE ITEMS: Where to find them on the First Book

I was one of the privileged user who gained access to Pottermore's Beta site. Though it's really raining hard the whole day and internet connection is a bit of a mess I was able to finish the First Book.

I listed the items I found on each chapter and memory that can help you throughout the First Book. (read: cheat) (note: if I missed anything, please notify me. Thanks!)

(Chapter 1)

Alarm Clock - Cupboard under the stairs

(Chapter 3 Moment 1)
Salt and Pepper Jars - On the table
London Postcard - On the refrigerator
Hammer and Nails - Zoom all the way leaning on door

(Chapter 3 Moment 2)
Seashell - On top of stones, right side of the screen
Seaweed - Zoom all the way, washed up against the right side of the island

(Chapter 4 Moment 1)
Candle - On the mantle above the fireplace

(Chapter 4 Moment 2)
Teacup - On floor in front of fireplace

(Chapter 5 Moment 1)
Shopping List - Zoom in once, on the floor

(Chapter 6 Moment 1)
Prefect Badge - Beside the bag on right side

(Chapter 6 Moment 2)
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans - Zoom in to desk
Dumbledore Chocolates Frog Card - Zoom out inside the trunk on floor
Morgana Chocolate Frog Card - Right side of the screen, among the wrappers on the middle part of the seat

(Chapter 7 Moment 1)
One Gold Galleon - 4th step up on the staircase, near railing

(Chapter 8 Moment 1)
Galleon - Zoom in below the railing on the staircase
Circe Chocolate Frog Card - First step of staircase
Hogwarts: A History Book - Zoom in all the way to the Windowsill

(Chapter 8 Moment 3)
Dried Nettles - Hanging from roof, middle window
Paracelsus Chocolate Frog Card - Behind barrel at the bottom of the middle window
Wolfsbane - Beside the same barrel (left)
Dried Billywig Stings - On the rightside window
Home-made Rock Cake - Zoom in once, look inside the door on top of the table

(Chapter 9 Moment 1)
Quidditch Through The Ages Book - Second person from left, see backpack.
Rememberall - Zoom all the way to the person on the broomstick, just beyond fingertips
(Chapter 9 Moment 2)
Salazar Slytherin Chocolate Frog Card - Third level of trophy case, on top of a cup there is a little green card
Galleon - Zoom in once, hover over the second suit of armor’s helmet
Jar of Eel’s Eyes - Zoom in all the way on middle of hallway

(Chapter 10 Moment 1)
Galleon - Zoom in all the way, hover to the  bottom drawer found at the right side of the screen

(Chapter 10 Moment 2)
Galleon - Zoom in once, on one of the desks right side of screen

(Chapter 10 Moment 3)
Bat Spleens - On the floor
Horned Slug - Zoom in once, hover mouse to the farthest sink
Hengist of Woodcroft Chocolate Frog Card - Zoom in all the way to the pumpkin, just beside it

(Chapter 11 Moment 1)
Galleon - Zoom in once, on the left windowsill

(Chapter 11 Moment 2)
Snitch - Zoom all the way and catch the Golden Snitch

(Chapter 12 Moment 1)
Important Modern Magical Discoveries Book - Second level from bottom of shelf from left
A Study of Recent Developments in Wizardry Book - Fourth level from bottom of shelf from left
Great Wizards of the 20th Century - Zoom in to the next bookshelf, third level from bottom
Notable Magical Names of Our Time - bottom-most level of the same bookshelf
Merlin Chocolate Frog Card - Zoom in to the last bookshelf, on the bottom-most level of the bookshelf

(Chapter 12 Moment 2)
Curses and Counter-Curses - On bench to the left side of the screen
Galleon - Zoom in once, left side of the end of the table near popper
Infusion of Wormwood - Left side of the screen, the green bottle
Wizard Chess Set - Click on the biggest popper near the person
Mistletoe Berries - Zoom in all way, hanging between two trees with bow

(Chapter 12 Moment 3)
Galleon - Zoom in all the way, just right beside Harry’s arm

(Chapter 13 Moment 2)
Galleon - In the shadow of the second bush from left
Helga Hufflepuff Chocolate Frog Card - Just before the end of the two shadows from left

(Chapter 14 Moment 1)
Modern Magical History Book - Zoom in once, bottom-most level of  bookshelf to left of Ron
Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland Book - Second level of same bookshelf
From Egg to Inferno, A Dragon Keeper’s Guide Book - Second level from bottom from bookshelf to the left

(Chapter 14 Moment 2)
Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit Book - On table beside the cup and candles
Dragon Egg - Zoom all the way in the middle of the fireplace

(Chapter 14 Moment 3)
Galleon - Hover to the door on the left

(Chapter 15 Memory 1)
Galleon - Between the lamp and the quill, right side of the screen
Rowena Ravenclaw Frog Card - Zoom in all the way and on the middle of the screen, on top of the books on table

(Chapter 15 Memory 2)
Leaping Toadstool - Bottom of the tree on the left
Wolfsbane - Zoom in once on the roots of the first tree on the left
Unicorn Blood - On the roots of the second tree on the left

(Chapter 16 Memory 1)
The Winged Key - You just have to find the right key. Good luck if it's moving! Clue: The key always wants to be the center of attention

(Chapter 17 Memory 2)
Cliodna Chocolate Frog Card - Zoom in once, on the left chair
Salamander Blood - Zoom all the way in, on the left windowsill
Bezoar - Inside the cabinet, second level from bottom right

(Chapter 17 Memory 3)
Galleon - Center of hallway, just below Dumbledore
Godric Gryffindor Chocolate Frog Card - Beside Dumbledore, left of the screen

So it end there. There are a couple of glitches at this point and am not happy with it. I've brewed a couple of  useless potions that vanished as the page refreshes. Oh well, I hope by October everything's okay.

You can add me up. My username is EchoThestral8 and I'm a proud Slytherin! Add me and let me know if you've added me so I can change the username. lol

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