Monday, June 27, 2011

The Glamorous (Double) Life of Isabel Bookbinder by Holly McQueen

Now I can say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” because one of the reasons why I bought this book is its cute book cover. Yes dear, I am guilty of looking for a good book cover and a catchy title in purchasing books in thrift shops. (Who doesn't by the way?) I was also deceived by its shiny sparkling stars and the fancy font used in this book. Oh and by the moment I saw that blue-green cover, I instantly grabbed it and did not think twice in buying this book.

Anyway, the first few chapters were hmm, nice. Its feels like reading Shopaholic by the way because of how Isabel go gaga over shopping and dressing up and looking chic.

The story started out when Isabel Bookbinder accidentally sends his boss' hot and steamy sex-driven emails from the Home Secretary. (which honestly I didn't get and know, like "what the hell is a home secretary? Is it Cris McBeth's secretary at home? asdfghj" until I have reached the middle of the book and realized she is a government staff.

Anyways, when I was reading further, I became confused with the story. I was looking for the story evolution of Mcbeth and the Home Secretary. What happened to Barney and the other characters mentioned except for Lara. It was like evrythind mentioned was cut because there was a new charater in the latter part of the book, Katriona de Monfort. But whatever. I have actually came to a point where I do not want to finish the book anymore! But then again, I still gave it a shot and kept in mind that "maybethe author will bring back the story of Mcbeth". But, when I finished the book, I was like, "Ugh. What happened? Where's the... What? Huh? Yeah. Kthanksbye."

Yeah. I did not enjoy this book. But hey, good for Holly McQueen for this debut novel. I wish I could dig more books from her. I think she has another book titled Fabulously Fashionable. I think this is her genre. I have to commend how she explained and talked about fashion in TG(D)LOIB, so I am hoping in her FF book, it'll be more exciting than this one.

No more comments for the book. Sorry. </3

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